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Poggiomarino, the harbour of Pompeii

An extraordinary discovery, an installation of the II millennium B.C., has come to light in Longola – Poggiomarino, a few kilometers north-east of Pompeii. (continues ...)

The ruins of the most ancient city

On September 2003, during some excavations in the Regio VI, at north of the buried city, has come to light some ruins of the most ancient Pompeii. (continues ...)

Suggestions to the Forum

A multimedial visit between the ruins of Pompeii with images, sounds, lights, stories and the music signed by Ennio Morricone to let visitors relive the 2000 years ago suggestion. (continues ...)

A proposal to "raise" Pompeii!

Around the ruins in Pompeii you realizes how little or nothing is touristically "exploited" one of the ancient cities most visited in the world. (continues ...)

Villa dei Misteri red IGT

In 2001 there was the first conspicuos harvest, the first wine-making and the refinement in wood of the first wine at the ancient Pompeii, product in just 1721 bottles. (continues ...)

A pot on the ash 

Besides the big houses, rich of frescos, statues and decorums, emerges from the excavations a more modest reality, but not less important for the recovery of the whole city. (continues ...)

The amphora of the garum 

The results of excavations widen the knowledge of a series of daily facts and give to light the life in Pompeii like any work of art and any ancient text can do. (continues ...)

The revival of the gardens

Currently in the archaeological area of Pompeii it is in course a research focused on the type of vegetation used at that time for green spaces, thanks to a method that used new technologies and thanks to the presence of specialists in biology and botany. (continues ...)




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