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Pompei. 79 d.C. Venti ore alla catastrofe

Harris Robert; Mondadori

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Pompei by bike

To get an overview of the excavations from a different point of view, you can opt for a bike. (continues ...)

“Special” sightseeing in two domus
“Special” sightseeing at the House of Gaius Julius Polybius and the House of the Chaste Lovers: the domus of Julius Polybius is the first one with multisensory visit, while in the site/event of the House of Chaste Lovers, you can live personally the work of archaeologists and restorers. (continues ...)

The restored Lupanare returns to its ancient shine

The Lupanare in Pompeii was discovered in 1862 and it immediately was restored; the second time it was restored was in 1949. At the beginning of 2001 a project was prepared for the restoration of it and it ended just lately. (continues ...)

New techniques of control against the degrade 

Inside the Lupanare in Pompeii recently restored it has been installed a system with sensory to infrared rays for the survey of people. There are two levels of control: one of the surfaces and another of the influx of visitors. (continues ...)

A terrifying eruption 4000 long years before Pompeii

Till now we believed that the most violent eruption at the Vesuvius has been the one in Pompeii, in 79 AD, but a search points out a more serious event in the Bronze Age (3780 B.C.) (continues ...)

Had Romans already been in America?

Entering in the House of the Ephebe, on the lararium on the right it is represented a sacrifice’s scene: the Genius that makes the sacrifice is represented in the action of making an unusual offer, a fruit of pineapple. (continues ...)

Discovered the villa where August died

The Roman patricians had chosen this area, Campania Felix, to build these luxurious villas to pass their time in peace, far away from clamor of the political life and from noisy Rome. (continues ...)

Other discoveries in the Villa of August

The archaeologists of Japanese scientific mission, coordinated by professor Masanori Aoyagi of Tokyo started since 2001 excavations of the villa dated back to the I century b.C.. (continues ...)

Ma tu vulive ’a pizza … ca’ pummarola ’ncoppa!

(Would you like pizza … with tomato sauce!)

Even in Roman time pizza was eated; there are traces in a Latin small poem of 123 verses, the Moretum, belonging to Virgilio but, probably, it is Settimio Severo’s (or Serene). (continues ...)

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