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Villa of the Mysteries


The Villa of the Mysteries was excavated at the beginning of the century and since then has been the most famous building in Pompeii. In antiquity the building was situated on a slope and from its terrace one could enjoy the view of the Gulf of Naples. The original structure dates back to the second century B.C., but it was successively subject to numerous enlargements and restorations. Its period of splendor goes from the foundation of the Roman colony to the Augustan era.

At the beginning of the first century B.C. it was decorated in the fashion of  that time. In this period the hall was painted with a magnificent frieze with near life size figures (megalografia) reproducing the initiation scene of a young girl to the mysteries of matrimony according to the precepts of the cult of Dionysus. After the earthquake of 62 A.D., which also provoked a serious economic crisis, the villa was exclusively employed  for the production and sale of wine.


Villa of the Mysteries | Villa of Diomedes

Villa of the Mosaic Colonnade | Via dei Sepolcri

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