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A proposal to "raise" Pompeii!


Around the ruins in Pompeii you realizes how little or nothing is touristically "exploited" one of the ancient cities most visited in the world. A few meters from the Forum in Pompeii there are some environments where, under key, you find hundreds of finds: amphoras, statues, casts, etc. (photo at the end of the article).

Some kilometer far from Pompeii is the Archaeological Museum of Boscoreale where could be cataloged and exposed these finds; in this way, the same museum would be valorized, creating another small pole of tourist attraction, in an area that for sure needs it.


This solution could also have a relapse in economic terms: infact, visiting the two tourist sites (Pompeii and Boscoreale) in one day only it would be a little exhaustive, and visitors could be induced to stay all night long in Pompeii (there are lots of hotels), thing that doesn’t usually happens, because Pompeii is considered as a one-day place of passage (for the visit to the excavations), making base for the stay in Sorrento or in Naples.

Besides, from different years, the Hotel Rosario, managed by the clergy, at the side of the Church, has been closed; this structure (dam and blocked by wood beams) could be readapt as a museum able to entertain all these finds that lie abandoned and stacked in anonymous cells.

Ours is a serious and honest proposal, with all our sincerity and in which we do believe: the first step to create new places of employment (considering the critical situation of Campania) and, in the meantime, to offer these wonder to the thousand of visitors that every day crowd the excavations, raising (it’s easy to do) the tourist offer in Pompeii.

We hope that political and clergy of Campania listen to us.




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