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Suggestions to the Forum


A multimedial visit between the ruins of Pompeii with images, sounds, lights, stories and the music signed by Ennio Morricone to let visitors relive the 2000 years ago suggestion.

The itinerary “Suggestions to the Forum”, with texts recited in Italian (on demand in English and in Japanese) lasting about an hour, it will conduct groups of 80 visitors from the Suburban Baths to the Forum.

A nighttime walk between the domus, the temples, the gardens disclosing particulars and exalting the monuments of the archaeological site, thanks to a narrating voice and to the progressively light effects; finally, in the Basilica, on a big screen of 24 meters for 6, surrounded from the sound in surround, the spectators will assist to the dramatic moments of the eruption in a collage of images.


The itinerary developes on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday from Marina Gate, in two turns of visit in the following times: 21.30 and 22.20 (on Wednesday at 21.30 even in English).

From the 1st of September turns will be taken one hour in advance.

The ticket office of Marina Gate will be opened 45 minutes before the beginning of the first show. The reserved tickets must be withdrawn with 20 minutes of advance. 

The cost of the ticket is of 24,00 Euro to each person (21,00 Euro for the holders of Campania ArteCard). 

For under 18 years, belonging to the same family, the entry is free.

For information: +39 081 861 6405 - +39 347 346 0346 (from Tuesday to Saturday between 10.00 and 14.00)

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